Annual Preventative HVAC Maintenance

We rely on our HVAC systems year-round to keep us comfortable, with cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. With the temperatures as high 100 degrees and as low as the teens in Virginia, we often overlook the stress on our HVAC systems. Most of us tend to not give our HVAC systems much thought other than adjusting the thermostat and taking notice when the air conditioning kicks out. However, HVAC systems require a lot more consideration than that.

Performing annual preventative HVAC maintenance can keep your HVAC running as it should always. The Green Air 30-point inspection adds an additional layer of protection to one of the most valuable systems in your home, saving energy, improving air quality, and extending the life of your system.

Preventative Maintenance

Green Air's 30-Point Inspection

  • Air Filter Clean
  • Inspect Air Filter Housing & Air Seal
  • Test Safety Control Operations, Control Sequences & Test Ranges
  • Test Thermostat Operation
  • Test & Inspect  Unit Safety Switch
  • Inspect Electrical Disconnect Box
  • Check Equipment Grounding
  • Measure & Record Line Voltage
  • Inspect & Test Contactors & Relays
  • Inspect Electrical Connections & Wire
  • Inspect All Stand Alone Capacitors
  • Measure & Record AMP Draw To  Blower Motor / Nameplate Data (FLA)
  • Blower Motor Volts and Amps
  • Inspect Fan Blade & Blower Wheel Connection To Blower Motor Shaft
  • Inspect Belt & Pulleys For Wear & Tear
  • Measure & Record Amp Draw On Condenser Fan Motor
  • Condenser Fan Motor Volts
  • Inspect & Clean Condensate Drain & Traps
  • Inspect Drain Pan & Accessible Drain Line For Biological Growth
  • Test Condensate Pump
  • Inspect Condensate Blowing From Coil Into Cabinet
  • Measure & Record TD Across Evaporator Coil
  • Record Indoor Coil  Entering Temperature
  • Record Indoor Leaving Temperature
  • Inspect Coil Fins
  • Inspect Accessible Refrigerant Lines For Oil Leaks
  • Inspect Refrigerant Line Insulation
  • Inspect Indoor Coil For Dirt Buildup If Accessible
  • Inspect Outdoor Coil For Dirt Buildup
  • Heat Pump: Inspect Outdoor Unit Condensate Drain Port